1. "you arrived during the summer monsoon rain, yet im about to bid goodbye right even before the summer begins."

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  3. kangdongwon:

    This talented man.

    that 10 % probability of him jumping the kdrama ship is making me giddy. aish.

  4. He was asked in the BD event if ever he’ll consider doing a drama. He said (paraphrased): “In the past, I would have not 100 % unconditionally. But these days,my answer changed a little… 10% positive…? The production environment seemed a little better.”
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  5. I’ll have to wait

    If not is not the time

    I’ll have to wait.

    I won’t give up

  6. both are in hospital gowns because they are literally lovesick . aigoo #reply1994 

  7. starminesister:

    Let’s keep coming here together.

  8. #kangdongwon <3

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  9. "“In a million pages, we are already on the 500,00th” he said.
    And yes I felt you are coming close.
    No matter how the pangs of truth cling on it.”"
  10. Me after three hours of talking to you.