best RK3 movie reactions

audience member 1 :of course, shishio would've failed taking over japan. he wrote "himura kenshin" in his death note, duh.
audience member 2 :*aoshi appears* my panties are wet.
audience member 3 :this whole movie can be used for a long meta explanation about your otp ships in GIFs
audience 4 member :*inhuman screech that all the crowds are in panic when the movie ended*
audience member 5:SO THIS IS HEARTAAAAACHE
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"Even if I looked through the entire world, there couldn’t be another girl who is suitable for me, except you. You are the only one for me."

my first evah kimutaku post.


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About Hanjo | Yoon Kyang’s revolver :

1881serial number 69562
Owner: lawman Wyatt Earp
Manufacturer: Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company
Acquisition made possible in part by John E. Bianchi Jr.

The name Wyatt Earp is synonymous with justice on the American frontier. Earp was a peace officer in various Western towns, including Dodge City, Kansas, and Tombstone in the Arizona Territory. He nevertheless found himself on the opposite side of the law on many occasions. Not surprisingly, Earp owned many firearms during his lifetime, including this Single Action Army. After his participation as a lawman in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, a thirty-second altercation that has come to symbolize the struggle between legal authority and banditry on the American frontier, Earp was charged with and subsequently found not guilty of murder. Earp’s reputation was tarnished during his lifetime, but accounts of his Western exploits after his death revitalized his image. Today, he is remembered as an icon of the American West.

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You win, drama. I ship them!

omo!! you’re watchign this too!!! #cries

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Seeing complaints that Soo In is too naive. →


She is a philosopher, a scientist, and a theorist, but she is also a young, rich, and sheltered one. She’s never had the opportunity to explore outside her studies and home. She has never seen violence up close before. She even confesses this to Yoo Kang after the fight is over.

Yoo Kang is the…

Soo In is the rockstar ‘kick ass’ gal in episode 4. so yes am not complaining! love her character ! :)

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I’m definitely digging this look on him. With the glasses and everything. yesyesyes

Now, having just come back from Japan, Yoon Kang looking like this kind of makes me think of a RuroKen character.

Just to give y’all some context, Joseon Gunman is set around the same period as Rurouni Kenshin, that is 1873 and beyond. [x] [x] Though, of course, there’s a lot of (violent) tension between Japan and Korea at this time and it all culminates in the Japanese assassination of Korean Empress Myeongseong and Imperial Japan’s Occupation of the Korean Peninsula. [x

Still, based on the manga characters, I’d imagine that the Kenshin-gumi wouldn’t ascribe to the imperialistic politics of their government and would be totally down with hanging with Korean expats.

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Then… when will I see you again?

I wanted to be with you everyday.

I wanted to talk to you every night.

That was the first dream I had…since I was born.

But… now it will only remain as a dream.

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Episode 3 #조선 총잡이

Aside from the topnotch acting , cinematography, musical scoring and the screenplay, there are other elements in this drama that  are awesome-bound. There might be certain but minor flaws in episode three which were noticed right away. However , over all, the aesthetics effectively rendered the story telling more interactive to its viewer.

I watched this episode  with my headset on, and whoa. I am appreciating more the SFX team for bringing out its own strong points in the story. 

'We have the world ahead of us'

What I adore of Soo In is her charm to draw people in to her world , thanks to her teacher. In this scene, she was introducing how the globe works to Yoon Kang. With his amusement, he was delighted to learn new things, thanks to Soo In.

During their convo, you could hear how the wind is blowing. Freely. 

Im not sure if this was unintended, but then again it worked. Both are curious about the world beyond Joseon,( notice how both were situated. the new world is ahead of them. And they become closer compared to their first meeting in episode one’s last scene) .

Yoon Kang’s Father,  his gut is telling him the end is near. And so confirmed by the sound of AN OWL as he was saying his thoughts to his subordinate. As if the owl is agreeing with him. But really it creep me out. I was watching this at 3 in the morning and would you expect me to ignore the owl’s HOO, HOO-ing in the background?


Also, this shot was framed. Park Ji Han’s chances are getting slimmer.


I’ve noticed how the two female characters have something in common when it comes to their clothes. Both are  wearing the same motif , shades of yellow in particular in this episode. Yet, the difference is too prominent for us to define the pro and the antagonist. 

Hye Won , the lady in the night indeed. There was only one time I saw her during daylight, that was when she gave the derringer to Soo In. The succeeding scenes were always been like this~

In contrast with Soo In’s bright demeanor , which even the darkness won’t engulf her because she is always this prepared, literally with new idea to combat the moonless night (as what we saw from Yoon Kyang , being bored and about to complain about the moon being covered) with , fireworks.

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Joseon Gunman the age of the sword has ended

the Princess’ Man PD is back :D 

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"you arrived during the summer monsoon rain, yet im about to bid goodbye right even before the summer begins."

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